OCC Natural Tea Tree Cleanse 300ml

OCC Natural Tea Tree Cleanse 300ml

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Containing nature’s finest ingredients it refreshes, cleanses and revives.

Re-energise your hair and scalp with natural tea tree oil and peppermint. This deep cleansing shampoo removing product build up. Tea tree oil is an anti-oxidant which helps cleanse hair of excess oil and removes free radical damage. This combo can also help remove dry skin and will balance out oil deposits within the hair and scalp.

OCC Natural tea tree condition protects, moisturises, cools, rebalances and soothes itchy, irritated scalps. It has an essential blend of peppermint, natural tea tree and essiential oils.

Hair type: all

Usage: daily use

Fragrance: Natural tea tree 

Key Active Ingredients:

Natural Tea Tree oil – soothing, healing and has anti-inflammatory properties 

Castor Oil – provides vital nutrients, provides anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits

Vitamin E – essential for healthy hair & scalp

Eucalyptus leaf oil – for healthy scalp, maintains strength & elasticity, improves blood circulation

Thyme Essential oil – promotes healthy scalp, provides help to combat dandruff and clear excess oil and product build up and encourages hair growth

Wheat Proteins- Strengthen your hair cuticle

Lavender oil – has unique conditioning properties

Chamomile flower extract – combats oil